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Sports Mouth GuardsAt Summit Dental, we recommend that anyone who participates in athletic activities should protect their smile with high quality, proper fitting sports mouth guard. A properly fitted sports mouth guard absorbs the shock of impacts. The mouth guard also protects teeth against potential chips, cracks, fractures, knock-out, and damage.

Many dental injuries occur while playing some kind of sport.  Even worse most of those dental injuries affect at least one of the most visible teeth in our smile.

A properly fitted sports mouth guard is an important equipment investment, especially when considering the cost of the potential dental work required to repair damaged teeth.

Your dentist or dental team member at Summit Dental can discuss your one of our custom sports mouth guard options at your next hygiene and check-up appointment – just ask! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Our practice always welcomes new patients no referral is required!

Call us at (403) 201-0588 to book your Sports Mouth Guards Consultation with us today!