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Shawnessy Towne Centre
Suite 544, 2nd Floor
303 Shawville Blvd SE
Calgary, Alberta, T2Y 3W6
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Thank you for considering Summit Dental for you and your family’s dental needs. Summit Dental is located in the Shawnessy Shopping Centre, right behind the Tim Hortons, in the Shawnessy Towne Centre Complex; our South Calgary Dental Clinic is easily accessible. We strive to provide optimum dentistry in a contemporary clinic offering our valued clients professional, safe and compassionate care. We achieve this through a highly skilled and friendly dental team.

We look forward to the privilege of being your Dental Health provider. Our practice is dedicated to quality care and is pleased to reserve time exclusively for each patient. If you are a new patient, feel free to download and fill out these documents below to help facilitate your intake. Should you have any questions, please contact us at (403) 201-0588 and our friendly administration team will be glad to assist you.

To ensure that your first visit is as comfortable and pleasant as possible, it is important to us that your visit feels comfortable and welcoming! From the moment you walk into our office and are greeted by our team, we want you to feel as if you are part of our extended family.

The dentist and their team will take all the time necessary to discuss your dental health levels, needs, and goals.

We will always try to keep your visit as efficient as possible, ensuring that it starts on time and ends on time. We always follow up every visit so that you can provide us with your feedback on how we can further improve on meeting the needs of ALL our patients.

Our goal is to keep you aware of your dental health needs. To accomplish this, we keep in touch with our patients via whatever technology they are most comfortable with. Whether that is by email, text message or even a simple phone call, we will make sure that it fits with your schedule to help you attain your dental health goals.

Your First Visit

Everybody needs regular dental examinations! Even if you have excellent home care, you still need a regular dental exam from a dental professional. How often you need to be seen depends on your own oral health needs. At Summit Dental we try to catch small problems early.

During your first visit, your Summit Dentist will be checking for early signs of gum disease, eroded fillings, infection, oral cancer screening, as well as problems with your occlusion (bite). That way small problems can be caught early!

What To Bring

Please bring as much of your Dental Benefit Provider’s insurance information as possible. That way we can help you with your coverage information, annual and lifetime maximums and whether your plan allows for the assignment of benefits.

Please bring your current medical information including a list of medications you may be taking including prescription and non-prescription medications.

Additionally, if you have x-rays from a previous dentist, depending on if they are out of date or not, you can have them released to our office. We will ask you to sign a release so we can obtain them under the Health Information Act of Alberta.

Our practice always welcomes new patients no referral is required!

Call us at (403) 201-0588 to book your new patient consultation with us today!